Gardens of Stone National Park - Canyoning - 27 May 2012

Party - Dave L, Nicole, Chantal, MItch, Tom, Dave N

This trip was organised by Dave L and Nicole for SUBW.

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Above - at our campsite

Above - above the canyon

Above - in the slot

Above - squeezing through the canyon

Above - Dave L on the abseil

Above - canyon formation

Above - Chantal on an interesting climb down

Above - canyon formation

Above - the party

Above - Chantal

Above - some nice bridging

Above - Dave L rigs the rope for a final abseil to get out of the canyon

Above - this nearby crack provides an easy way back onto the tops

Above - pagoda daisies

Above - Chantal

Above - a well balanced Mitch

Above - back above the canyon

Above - some nice rock rills

Above - Wolgan Valley

A slightly different photo set is on facebook.

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