Dead Tree Canyon - 19 February 2012

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Party - Rik, Wendy, Rob, Dave

There had been a lot of recent rain, so we chose to visit a relatively small canyon. I had last been down this one in the 80's and had not thought too much of it. I was much more impressed with it on this second visit - perhaps because the water level was quite high.

Above - Rob and Wendy on the ridge above the canyon

Above - in the creek before the canyon section. Slow going in high water. Slippery too!

Above - The start of the canyon - you can climb down on these logs. When this canyon was first discovered back in the early 80's, the canyon was choked by a big dead tree (or two) - hence it name. Now there are only logs.

Above - Further down - more logs to climb down. Rob descending carefully to avoid a swim.

Above - looking up

Above - looking down

Above - canyon formation

Above - Falling drops. It was not raining at the time. The droplets are from run-off.

Above - sunbeams

Above - Looking back up at the first abseil

Above - Wendy on the abseil

Above - she went down the wrong side!

Above - Rik on the first abseil

Above - canyon formation

Above - Looking back up at the second abseil. This was into the most spectacular part of the canyon - a nice dark chamber. In high water the abseil was quite spectacular and required care.

Above - Looking down the canyon.

Above - Rob below the third drop

Above - Wendy on the fourth and last abseil

Above - a little downstream - in the South Branch of Bungleboori Creek. A long swim, but at least we had the current to help us.

Above - Wendy at the top of our pass out of the Bungleboori

Above - Bungleboori Country - the rock tower on the far left is the "Chookhead Formation"

Above - Huey was brewing some T storms.....

Above - Rob, Rik and Wendy

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