Danae Brook - 23 December 2012

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Party - Stacey, Si Li, Asaph, Megan, Dave

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Above - at the top of the canyon

We scrambled down the first abseil to a low tree and then abseiled into the start of the slot

Above - looking down the slot

Above - Stacey abseiling into the slot

Above - Megan abseiling while Asaph rigs the next pitch

Above - Asaph starts abseiling down the chockstone abseil

Above - Megan on the chockstone abseil

It is interesting to note that the pool at the bottom of this drop is now shallow and no longer a swim. Most of the party abseiled behind the chockstone. Su Li, who was last down abseiled over  the chockstone to facilitate the pull down. On my last trip down the canyon before this one - we had jammed a rope here. The end became caught in a crack on the side of the chockstone. We had to cut the rope. The rope was jammed so tight - a party going down the canyon the day after us could not pull it out of the crack (and that may be part of my rope visible in the photo).

Above - looking down the canyon

Above - Stacey on the waterfall abseil

Above - Su Li on the waterfall abseil

Above - Asaph

Above - Asaph, Su Li and Megan

Above - Looking back up the slot at the waterfall abseil. This is an interesting spot. I understand that some early parties used to descend the slot on the left of the photo (in the shadow). I am not sure if the first descend party went that way (UNSW - Peter Melhuish). Also - at least two parties in the 1960's went up Danae Brook - ie ascending the canyon, climbing up all the waterfalls. I think at this place - they ascended the steep bank/slot on the right of the photo. The parties were from UNSW (Rick Higgins) and the KBC (Jeff Boyd)

From this point - there are at several routes down the canyon. Many parties abseil off a tree on the true left,  but it is far better to abseil down through a hole in the canyon floor - the "Danae Direct" abseil.

Above - Asaph on the Danae Direct abseil

Above - waiting - Su Li, Megan and Stacey

Above - Stacey on the Danae Direct abseil

Above - Stacey and Asaph

Above - Megan

Above - Megan climbing down to the enxt drop

The photos are continued on this page

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