Northern Blue Mountains Canyoning - 26 - 31 December 2012

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Party - Rik, Rob, Su Li, Sarah, Paul, Dave

The period between Boxing Day and New Year provides a good time to venture into some of the more remote parts of the Northern Blue Mountains for some canyoning. These trips have a number of challenges. Most of the canyons would require taking our full packs through them - so we had to go as lightweight as possible. But the canyons we planned to visit would have a lot of swimming - so most of the party ended up taking wetsuits. The country between the canyons was rough and quite scrubby - so we also needed to carry long pants, and some of us also carried scrub gloves and gaiters. This does not leave too much room for food or photographic gear.

Day 1

Above - Boxing Day 2012 - wet and cold! The party near the start - Su Li, Sarah, Rik, Rob and Paul

Above - the first part of the trip was through pagoda country

Above - Sarah and Su Li have a drink

Day 2

We visited our first canyon - as a side trip without our large packs

Above - canyon formation

Above - Su Li and Sarah in the canyon

Above - Rik on a short hand over hand into a plunge pool

Above - Su Li in another plunge pool

Above - Rob at the bottom of a short abseil

Above - Rik on the next abseil

Above - canyon formation

Above - Rob abseils

Above - Rik shooting video

Above - Su Li abseiling

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - the next abseil is through this natural arch

Above - Su Li abseiling

after the canyon we return to camp and pack up. Then a short scrubby walk takes us to our next canyon.

Above - Rob and Rik in the creek upstream of the canyon

Above - The canyon is not far downstream - Rik peers in.

Above - looking down the canyon - it is long series of very dark tunnels

Above - Sarah below the abseil

Above - the way ahead is squeezing through this logpile - hard work passing the packs through!

Above - canyon formation

Above - Su Li on the abseil

Above - Rik and Su Li further down the canyon. Theer are many long and cold swims. The canyon is very dark and beautiful.

Above - Sarah swimming

Above - Rik, Rob and Su Li

Above - passing packs down a tricky section

Above - Rik videos as Sarah swims

Above - Paul and Su Li on the long swim

Above - the canyon opens up somewhat (for a short while)

Above - Su Li and Paul swimming

Above - we climb out of the creek and camp on a rock shelf on the ridge

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