Birthday Canyoning Weekend - 6-7 October 2012

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It was that time of the year that a few of us have birthdays - and as there were a few babies in the party, we went into a nice campiste in Wollemi National Park close to a a few dry canyons.

Party - John, Chuin Nee, Jasper, Audrey, Richie, Kian, Marcus, Martina, Rik, Albert, Su Li, Digi Dave, Steve, Martin, Steffy, Paul and family, Peggy, Stu, Enmoore, Si Li, Stacey, Dave (plus Ben on Sunday)

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Location 1 - Chalmers Lookout - Glenbrook

I went up with Digi Dave and we stopped at this lookout at Glenbrook for the sunset to take a few photos

Location 2 - Friday night camp at Perrys Lookdown

We woke up to a misty morning

Location 3 - The first of the dry canyons in Wollemi National Park

Above - the canyon opened up into a major valley

Above - rock formations above the canyon

Above - the canyon from the pagodas above

Above - the canyon ends with this very deep slot

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