Wollemi National Park - Canyoning - 17 - 18 September 2011

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Page 1 - Saturday

Party - John, Chuin Nee, Rik, Digi Dave, Dave N

It was the weekend to celebrate John's birthday. He had chosen to visit some canyons in the Northern Blue Mountains. The first one was a canyon that none of the party had visited before. A few years ago, some of us had visited another branch of the creek and it was a very good canyon. After a high camp - on Sunday we visited another canyon where the photos are continued on this page.

Above - We set off along a nice valley

Above - Nice valley walking

Above - Great views when we climb out of the valley

Above - Pagoda daisies

Above - wild flowers

Above - Chuin Nee in the pagodas

Above - Pagoda country

Above - we look and see the slot of a narrow canyon that some of us had visited on an earlier trip

Above - Chuin Nee heads towards our canyon

Above - Rik on one of the many abseils in the canyon

Above - Rik in the canyon

Above - Chuin Nee abseiling. The canyon had about 6 abseils.

Above - This small drop could be climbed down

Above - at the end of the canyon we climbed out. here we look down to two branches of the canyon

Above - admiring the views

Above - Pagoda daisy

Above - rock formation

Above - nice late afternoon lighting

Above - dusk

Above - Continue to Day 2

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