Why Don't We Do It In The Road Canyon - 23 January 2011

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Party - Wendy, Jan, Chantel, Stella, Martin, Steffy,Manu, Scott, Vincent, Albert, Dave

Above - breakfast at Mt Wilson - Chantel, Stella, Jan and Wendy

Above - Charlies Angels - Stella, Wendy and Chantel

Above - Martin drops in

Above - Manu on the second abseil

Above - Vincent on the second abseil

Above - canyon formation

Above - Steffy

Above - Stella

Above - canyon formation

Above - Chantel

Above - Chantel

Above - Wendy on the tricky third abseil

Above - time to wash your face?

Above - Dcott in the pool and Albert on the abseil

Above - Manu watches Albert abseiling

Above - Albert about to have a shower!

Above - Parallel abseiling on the (optional) 4th abseil

Above - Manu (below) and Albert

Above - Albert

Above - Jan in the canyon

Above - lunch, time for the jaffle irons to come out.

Above -a friendly and curious water dragon

Above - Wollangambe Canyon

Above - Wollangambe Canyon

Above - stream-bed detail

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