Twister Canyon - 26 January 2011 (Australia Day)

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

A warm day was forecast for Australia Day - so a group of us headed up the mountains to cool off in Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons in Wollemi National Park. Thanks to Albert for organising the trip.

Party - Albert, Digi Dave, Col, Martin, Steffy, Ellen, Dave, Mitch, Enmoore, Su Li, Stacey, Meri, Dave N

Photos of Rocky Creek Canyon start on this page

Above - Ellen on the first waterjump

Above - now Dave jumps

Above - Martin on the second waterjump

Above - Ellen

Above - Digi Dave watches Steffy take off

Above - next its Stacey's turn

Above - and then Su Li's jump

Above - Dave on the third waterjump

Above - Martin

Above - Mitch

Above - splash!

After visiting Twister Canyon - we headed down into the dark, cool depths of Rocky Creek Canyon

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