Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons - 8 January 2011

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Chuin Nee, John R, John M, Rik, Dave

We stared by a quick trip through Twister Canyon, then dropped into Rocky Creek Canyon.

Above - in Rocky Creek Canyon

Above - John R in the water and John M above

Above - John R

Above - canyon formation

Above - part way through - we meet up with a party of cavers. We know some of them - Alan and Megan, and we stop to talk

Above - ferns and falling droplets

Above - canyon formation

Above - ferns

Above - still talking....

Above - downstream - the canyon enters a long corridor of superb canyon

Above - John M

Above - canyon formation

Above - another party in the canyon

Above - John M, John R and Chuin Nee heading back up the canyon after we reach the end of the constriction. I hang back to take a few photos in this nice section of canyon

Above - John M in the canyon

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