Mt Hay Canyon - 3 December 2011

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Jan, Stacey, Disco, Dave

Above - Stacey on the third abseil in the small access creek

Above - enjoying the cool waters of the first major swim

Above - looking down the awesome slot

Above - Disco abseils down

Above - Jan on the very exciting next abseil - off the chockstone

Above - looking back up that abseil

Above - Disco coming down

Above - Stacey at the end of the canyon

Above - you can just see Disco's red helmet

Above - bad weather hit us as we approached the climb out

Above - on the route out

Above - Stacey on the climbing section

Above - looking down

Above - Stacey and Jan at the top of the climb

Above - we have a late lunch in a nice dry cave

Above - looking back down the canyon

Above - climbing out

Above - wild flower

Above - there were lots of tiny Flannel Flowers out

Above - heading back to the car

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