Gardens of Stone Canyoning - 10 - 11 September 2011

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpoe without permission.

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Party - Rik, Rob, Albert, Dave

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It was a cold and quite windy weekend - so we chose some dry canyons to visit in the Gardens of Stone National Park.

Above - Albert in pagoda country

Above - Looking down into our first canyon

Above - Rik and Albert in a maze of complexity

Above - This slot provides a good route down into the canyon

Above - Rik and Rob walking along a mezzanine level in the canyon

Above - Albert admiring the canyon

Above - on the mezzanine level

Above - the canyon - quite dry

Above - we climb into the first of a series of large acoustic chambers

Above - Rob in the acoustic chamber

Above - continuing up the canyon

Above - Albert in another acoustic chamber

Above - in search of a good photo

Above - climbing around a pool

Above - above the canyon - one of the large acoustic chambers

Above - the canyon

Above - Albert looking into the chamber

Above - delicate rock formations

Above - rock formations

Above - we head off to our campsite on the valley rim

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