Exploratory Canyoning - Northern Blue Mountains - 26 - 31 December 2011

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Party - Rik, Rob, John, Matt, Dave

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Day 1

This year we went to the same part of Wollemi National Park that we had explored last year. It demanded further attention - despite being quite remote and very scrubby.

Above - setting out. The first day was spent walking along ridges and through scrub to set up a fixed campsite that we used for 4 nights

Day 2

Above - fringe-lilys(Thysanotus tuberosus). There were an extradordinary number of these in flower as we walked out to check out a creek. These small flowers only last for a day. None were out the next day as we walke out along some of the same ridge.

Above - respite from the scrub

Above - surveying our first creek

Above - looking down. Canyon? We would soon see.

Above - Rob on the first abseil down a nice slot

Above - Rik on the second abseil

Above - John on the second abseil

Above - below. The canyon was nice but fairly short and ended not far below the second abseil

Above - climbing back out

Above - great views of very rugged country

Above - spectacular rocky ourcrops

Above - back out or camp

Day 3

On this day we visited a canyon close to where we went the day before. This was one that Rik and Rob (together with Sarah and John R) had explored the year before. They had reported a great canyon. During their descent they had found an old sling - so it had been visted by at least one other party previously.

Above - Looking down into this canyon

Above - looking down the slot. We abseiled in a little to the right

Above - Rik on the first abseil

Above - John on the first abseil

Above - Rik on the second abseil

Above - Rob on the second abseil

Above - Rik taking photos

Above - we were in a very deep slot. The next abseil was at the end of this corridor.

Above - looking back up the corridor

Above - Rob on the third abseil

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - looking down the fourth abseil

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