Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons - 28 March 2010

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Digi Dave, Dave N

Above - Dave enjoying a waterjump in Twister Canyon

Above - On the next jump

Above - canyon formation

Above - the last waterfall and jump in Twister Canyon

Above - small arch - Twister Canyon

Above - dracophylum

Above - Digi Dave in Twister Canyon

Above - on the last jump

Above - splash!!

Above - water dragon at Rocky Creek

Above - Digi Dave photo-pfaffing

Above - cascades

Above - small arch - Rocky Creek Canyon

Above - canyon formation - Rocky Creek Canyon

Above - Dave enjoys a cool swim

Above - small cascade

Above - canyon formation

Above - this dark pool is a long deep wade

Above - looking back up the canyon from the end. We had lunch and went back up the canyon to exit.

Above - cascades

Above - a nice swirling pool

Above - Digi Dave scrambles up the canyon

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