Bell Creek Canyon - 20 March 2010

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Party - Chuin Nee, Enmoore, Dave (and also joined by Julie and Jerome, who we met at the carpark)

Above - Chuin Nee, Enmoore and Jerome on the pass out of Clatterteeth Canyon on the way to Bell Ck.

We went into Bell Creek by the small tributary - Belfry Canyon

Above - Canyon formation - Belfry Canyon

Above - Canyon formation - Belfry Canyon

Above - Canyon formation - Belfry Canyon

Above - Canyon formation - Belfry Canyon

Above - Enmoore in Belfry Canyon

Above - Jerome and Julie in Belfry Canyon

Above - Chuin Nee in Belfry Canyon

Above - Chuin Nee scrambling down some boulders in Bell Ck

Above - Noew its Enmoore's turn

Above - More boulders in Bell Ck

Above - this is where the lower constriction starts

Above - some of us blow up lilos

Above - Enmoore in the canyon (not the best lilo style....)

Above - canyon formation

This section of Bell Creek is very spectacular. The canyon is deep, dark and sustained - perhaps only matched by the lower constriction of Dumbano Canyon in quality. Photography is particularly tricky because the ambient light levels are very low and the best bits of the canyon are along the long, deep, very cold pools where photography is very challenging.

Above - in the canyon

We went out by going upstream into Clatterteeth Canyon and then climbing out via Joes Canyon. On the way up Clatterteeth we met another party coming down. They asked us what we had been doing - and we told them - we'd been down Bell Ck and where going out via Joes Canyon. This puzzled them a bit - they thought they where in Bell Ck!!! Ooops - more careless navigation.

Above - In Clatterteeth Canyon - Jerome, Julie, Chuin Nee and Enmoore

Above - Enmoore

Above - Enmoore

Above - just before we climb out of Joes Canyon - we get a drink from this nice runnel in the creek.

The next day - Chuin Nee, Enmoore and myself visted Bowens Creek Canyon with Col and Rob.

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