Northern Blue Mountains Canyoning - 29 - 30 May 2009

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

On this trip we visited what has been called the "Deepest Canyon in the Blue Mountains". None of us had visited this canyon before - we had an interesting trip. It was a wet cold weekend.

Party - Rik, Michael, Rob and Dave

Above - On the way out to our canyon we looked into the interesting creek - we climbed down into it for a better look.

Above - Nearby cliffs

Above - we found this huge camp cave

Above - We arrive at the deep canhyon - and are impressed

Above - Looking into the deep canyon

Above - Looking into the deep canyon

Unfortunaetly - time was running out - and we had to move fast before it got dark - so I didn't get too many photos in the canyon.

Above - You can just spot one of the party climbing down into the canyon

Above - Rik above one of the abseils

Above - in the late afternoon - we found this nice campcave. We had not had lunch - so we had a late lunch and decided to camp in it. It was a great place especially since it rained a lot overnight.

Above - We then climbed out of a major gorge via a pass near here.

Above - Nearby cliffs

Above - Rik and Michael resting on the ridge walk back

Above - More great views

Above - Rik, Michael and Rob admiring the views (but not the weather!)

Above - Views on the way out.

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