Dalpura Canyon - 18 October 2009

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Page 1 - The Canyon

Party - Chuin Nee, John, Dave

This is a great canyon to do in October - because the exit ridge is surely one of the best places in the Mountains to see wildflowers at their best. Click here to see photos taken on the walk out - pagodas, rock formations and wildflowers.

Above - small orchid on the walk in

Above - Hmm....Chuin tries to work out which Waratah to photograph

Above - The small ferns in the canyon are also very beautiful

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Chuin Nee on the abseil

Above - Canyon formation

Above - John and Chuin Nee in the canyon

Above - John in the canyon

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Chuin Nee photo-pfaffing

Above - Grose cliffs at the end of the canyon

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