Buramin Canyon and Thunder Gorge - 7 - 8 Feb 2009

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Party - Chuin Nee Ooi, John Robens, Su Li Sin, David Forbes, Alan Pryke, Megan Pryke, Rik Deveridge, Mark Jessop, Dave Noble

Buramin Canyon - 7 February 2009

A hot weekend was forecast - in fact it was forecast to be the hottest conditions in NSW of any place on the planet! So it was a good time to spend two days down some cool canyons. Rik was keen to visit Buramin Canyon (Explorers Brook) - and 8 of us joined him. It had been a long time since I had been in Explorers Brook - probably over 30 years - and it was good to visit this nice creek again.

Above - In very hot conditions we walk along the firetrail past Mt Banks. Here we look down into the Grose Valley

Above - Dracophylum in the creek

Above - we entered the creek fairly high up - and it has some nice (but short) sections of canyon. Here Mark and Su Li enjoy the cool water.

Above - Some faint aboriginal hand stencils are just visible in this cave. They were spotted by Rik and Mark.

Above - Mark in the canyon

Above - the party on a long wade

Above - John shows off a large yabbie to Chuin Nee and Su Li. There were lots of yabbies in the creek - many of them large.

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - Digi Dave watches the rest of the party scramble down a small waterfall

Above - this section of gorge had a floor of basalt rocks

Above - the main section of canyon began with this waterfall

Above - Looking down the waterfall - lots of arches

Above - it was a tricky scramble to get down the first part

Above - Rik setting up the rope for the second of two short abseil

Above - Rik watching Chuin Nee on the second abseil

Above - Digi Dave watching and Rik swimming as Su Li abseils

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - Megan and Mark in the canyon. Mark is at the top of a short waterjump.

Above - Megan looking back up after the waterjump and swim

Above - in the canyon

Above - at the junction with King George Brook - downstream is more canyon and a rough gorge.

Above - Mark wonders how to get off this boulder

Above - Chuin Nee shows the way to go

Above - Mark watches Chuin Nee on this scramble

Above - downstream - slow going in this rough gorge - but it is a very spectacular place.

Above - Not far downstream we found a small campcave where we spent the night.

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