Wollangambe Wilderness Canyoning - 17 February 2008

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The day before some of us had visited a nice canyon in the pagoda country on the west of Wollemi National Park. On this day we headed into the Wollangambe Wilderness to visit a canyon that none of us had been down before. So for us it was an exploratory trip.

Party - Rik, Audrey, Richie, Digi Dave, John, Chuin Nee, Martin, Steffi, Rob, Dave N

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Looking back - as most of the part are dropping into this nice section of canyon

Above - Rob and Rik in the canyon

Above - The stream

Above - we had lunch in this nice cave

Above - Further down, Rik spotted this aboriginal art in another cave

Above - The aboriginal art

Above - In the art cave

Above - Chuin Nee in the creek

Above - Steffi, Martin, Richie and Audrey in the creek

Above - Rik rides a log

Above - Martin

Above - Ahead - the creek dropped into the nice dark hole

Above - Rob abseiling

Above - Martin and Steffi in the canyon

Soon - the creek we were in joined a larger creek - we followed it downstream.

Above - John in the creek

Above - The creek then flowed into this magnificent section of canyon

Above - In the canyon

Above - Steffi and Martin are worried about what lies ahead

Above - In the canyon

Above - We hesitate. Ahead lies a long swim..... should we go on or back?

Above - Digi Dave at the end of the long swim

Above - Great views of the Wollangambe Wilderness as we climb out

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