Bowens Creek - South Branch - Upper Section - 21 October 2007

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Party - David Forbes, Tina Ludwig, Chuin Nee Ooi, John Robens, Dave Noble

I last visited this section of canyon about two years ago. There is a lot of beautiful canyon to enjoy - and it is good to do early in the season because there are no swims (only a few wades) - and abseils can be avoided by scrambling and climbing down logs.

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - a lot of the canyon floor was covered in the petals of small purple flowers

Above - a small fern

Above - Tina and John in the canyon

Above - Tina, Dave F and John in the canyon

Above - "Take nothing but  photos and leave nothing but footprints" but not footprints this deep perhaps!

Above - Roots

Above - Tina bridging to avoid a deep pool

Above - canyon formation

Above - In the canyon

Above - Ferns

Above - Digi Dave and Tina in a beautiful grove of coachwoods

Above - John and Digi Dave in the canyon

Above - canyon formation

Above - in the canyon

Above - Tina trying some climbing moves - at the Bowens Creek Crag, Chuin Nee, John and Digi Dave watch.

Above - fractured rock

Above - fractured rock

Above - the party - John, Chuin Nee, Digi Dave, Tina and Dave N

After the trip - we had to say farewell to Tina. Her visit from Germany was almost finished. But we will meet up again some time in the future.

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