Hole in the Wall and Banks Canyons - 11 February 2007

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Party - Martin, Steffi, John, Chuin Nee, Dave N, Rachael M, Ellen, Albert, Merry

The previous day, many of us had been climbing at Mt Piddington. With showers forecast for the Sunday - we thought it would be nice to do these two nice canyons in the Wollangambe Wilderness.

I was concentrating on shooting video on this trip.

Hole in the Wall Canyon

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Merry on the first abseil

Above - Sun rays

Above - Merry in the canyon

Above - Spider webs

Above - Canyon formation

Above - The hole in the wall at the Bungleboori junction

Above - canyon formation

Bungelboori Creek - North Branch

Above - Canyon formation

Banks Canyon

Above - Rachael and Ellen at the bottom of the first awkward climb down

Above - Chuin Nee on the first abseil

Above - Some of the party - Steffi, Albert, Merry, Rachael and Ellen

Above - Albert on the second abseil

Above - Chuin Nee abseils down in the rain

Above - Rain

Bungelboori Creek - North Branch

Above - Heading up the boori

Above - Albert

Above - Rachael

Above - Martin and Steffi

Above - Martin and Steffi

We all had a great weekend - but it was very sad for me on Sunday evening when I heard that a friend, Andrew McAuley (canyoner, climber, mountaineer, mountain biker and sea kayaker) had been lost at sea very close to finishing his sea kayaking trip from Tasmania to New Zealand.

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