Wollangambe Wilderness Canyoning - 28 October 2007

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Chuin Nee Ooi, John Robens, Rob Hynes, Rik Deveridge, Derek Pracey, Dave Noble

The day before, most of us had been canyoning in the South Wolgan Area.

On this trip we visited two canyons -

Froth and Bubble Canyon

Above - Chuin Nee and John above the first abseil

Above - Rob on the first abseil

Above - canyon formation

Above - Derek in the canyon

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Above - canyon formation

Crikey Canyon

Above - The start of Crikey Canyon. Looking down the first abseil. The second abseil goes down throgh the black hole in the middle of the picture.

Above - Rob, Chuin Nee and John at the top of the second abseil

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