Claustral Canyon - 26 March 2006

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Dave F, Regina, Alex, Martin and Dave N

I was concentrating on shooting digital video on this trip but managed to take a few stills as well.

Above - Regina in the canyon not far below the second waterjump

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Regina, Alex and Martin approach the first abseil

Above - Looking down the first abseil

Above - Regina on the third abseil

Above - Looking up the third abseil from below

Above - Alex, Regina and Martin enjoying some sun near the Ranon Junction

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Canyon formation -  Thunder Canyon near the Claustral Junction

Above - Lunch in Ol's Overhang

Above - Martin finds a challenging hole to squeeze through

Above - Looking down at the Tunnel Swim

Above - Looking back up Thunder Canyon below the Tunnel Swim

Above - In the canyon

Above - The last swim before the exit

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