Bowens Creek - North Branch Canyon - 10 December 2006

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Rik Deveridge, Rachel Melrose, Sabrina Cascio, Derek Pracy, Dan Theman Scheuch, Tom Murtagh, Albert Chetcuti,  Dave Noble

The previous day Rik and myself had visited two canyon in the Wollangambe Wilderness - Hole in the Wall and Banks Canyons. On the Sunday, we joined up with a larger group and visited the lower constriction of the north branch of Bowens Creek.

This time I was shooting video - so did not concentrate on still photography. Also - harsh lighting was again a problem.

Albert also took some photos and a selection can be found here.

Above - Rachel abseiling into the lower constriction

Above - Albert in the canyon

Above - Rachel and Dan, with Derek behind looking away

Above - Looking up the waterfall on the second abseil

Above - A mosaic made from video frames of Rachel jumping the second abseil

Above - canyon formation

Above - Rik and Tom swiming, while Derek attempts to climb around.

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