Arethusa Canyon - 12 March 2006

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permisson.

Party - Nic, Rik, Digital Dave, Rob, Madlen, Dave N

We went in off the Mt Hay Rd. It did not take us long to get to the cliffs above the creek

Nic - our guide for the trip

Above - Digital Dave in the creek

A short section of pleasant going took us to the abseil into the canyon section

Above - Rik abseils whilst Rob watches

Above - Rob abseils

Above - Madlen abseils

Above - Digi Dave in the keyhole getting ready to abseil

Above - Digi Dave abseils

Above - Nic abseils

Above - Nic climbing down a small waterfall

Above - Digi Dave

Above - Madlen in the canyon - you can see a hole in the foreground - she did not fall into that one - but she did fall into a closer one that you cannot see. Luckily she was OK

Above - Nic climbing down a small waterfall

Above - Rob and Madlen in the same waterfall

Above - Nic and Rob in the canyon

Above - Digi Dave

Above - Rik in the canyon

Above - Rik in the canyon

Above - In the canyon

Above - at the top of a small drop

Above - Climbing down - Rik and Nic

Above - Madlen swimming

Above - Digi Dave swimming

Above - Madlen and Rob climbing down a small drop

Above - At the end of the canyon

This visit to the canyon we exited via Alpheus Canyon. This involved some rock climbing - and it was an interesting route out. Thanks to our guide Nic who showed us the way and led all the climbing.

Above - Nic belaying on the climb out into Alpheus Canyon

Above - We enjoyed this grand view

Above - Nic contemplating this swim in Alpheus Canyon

Above - Rob and Madlen watch Nic climbing up a tricky bit

Above - Rob climbing up

Above - In Alpheus Canyon - we climbed out on the other side via a series of ledges

Above - On the top - Rik looks down from above the junction of Arethusa and Alpheus Canyons

Above - Nic, Digi Dave and Madlen above Arethusa Canyon

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