February 6 - Banks Canyon

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Justin and Stephanie Blows, Clare Ly, Sam Buchanan, Chris Golding, Eline Sepers, David Forbes, Pete Harvey, Tom Gleeson, Dave Noble

Above - Wollangambe Wilderness country - the pass out of Bungleboori Creek

Above - Starting down the canyon - Eline and Clare

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Clare and Eline

Above - Canyon formation

Above - In the canyon - Stephanie, Clare, Eline, Digital Dave, Justin(?)

Above - Sam swimming through the canyon

Above - Pete abseils into a dark pit

Above - Eline abseils down a narrow chute

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Pete and Tom watch someone on the first abseil of the lower set

Above - In the canyon - Stephanie, Eline and Justin

Above - Digital Dave completes the last abseil

Above - Chris on the last abseil

Above - Stephanie waits while Justin climbs up a cascade in Bungleboori Creek

Above - Bungleboori Creek (North Branch)

Above - Canyoners heading upstream

Above - Canyoners heading upstream

Above - Eline, Stephanie and Pete clambering upstream

Above - Sam and Chris wading upstream

Above - Warming up in the sun after climbing out of the gorge, Stephanie. Eline, Chris, Sam, Pete and Clare

Above - Clare - happy and content with warm food after a nice day down a cool canyon.

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