Canyon Exploration - Wollemi National Park - 26 - 29 December 2005

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Rik Deveridge, John McGrath, Ashley Burke, Rob Hynes, Don Cameron, Dave Noble

The period between Christmas and New Year is a good time to look for new canyons. This summer we headed to one of the northern sections of Wollemi National Park for some exploration. We spent four very hot days wandering through some magnificent country. We explored a few canyons - none of them really good, but it was pleasant to spent some time in the wilderness. Also - thanks to local landholders for allowing us to walk through their properties - and in particular to Roly for quenching our thirsts on a very hot day.

Part 1

Above - Ashley, Rik and Don in a short scrubby canyon that we explored first

Above - We then climbed around a ledge to have a look at another canyon nearby. It looked promising.

Above - Rik on the first abseil

Above - Ashley on the first abseil

Above - Rik on the second abseil

Above - Ashley on the second abseil

Above - John on the second abseil

The next day we explored another small canyon.

Above - Ashley in the canyon - it was short and not very impressive.

We then climbed over a ridge into another creek system and checked out another creek.

Above - Rik enters a canyon section

Above - Don climbs up roots and tries to go along a ledge to climb up a drop.

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Heading back down the canyon, Don (on the roots), Rob, John, Ashley and Rik

We then climbed around into the headwaters of that canyon and explored the upper part. Then it was over a ridge and into another promising creek.

Above - Rik on the first abseil of the next canyon.

Above - This was a two stage drop - Rik on the lower part of the drop

Above - Ashley abseils down

Above - The next drop could be climbed down by scrambling down ledges.

Above - Rik on the  second abseil

Above - We then found ourselves on top of this very high series of drops

Above - A natural arch could be seen on the other side

Above - Rik starts out on the third abseil. We found a white tape sling on a tree above this drop - which was interesting - we were surprised that another party had been to this canyon. The sling did not not look too old.

Above - Don starting off on the fourth abseil. This drop was nearly 40m.

Above - Ashley on the fourth abseil

Above - In the afternoon - we reached a major creek

Above - Walking up the major creek

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