January 8 - Wollangambe Canyon (The Greg Section)

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Doug Bock, Lizzy Wenk, Oliver Bock, Tim Bock, Sally Partridge, Rob Hynes, Greg Peters, TarrinWills, James Turton, Tara Geldard, Dave Noble

Above - The start of the Greg Section - Lilos are inflated

Above - The first pool

Above - a traffic jam at the water jump

Above - Tim and Rob

Above - Doug and Lizzy

Above - Continuing down the canyon

Above- Canyon formation

Above- In the canyon

Above - Lizzy advances while Tarrin pauses for a photo

Above- Lizzy, Tara and the others head over to a nice spot for lunch

Above - Canyon formation

Above- Packing up after lunch, Tarrin, Greg, Doug, Lizzy, Oliver

Above - Tara, Tim and Oliver

Above - Rob in front

Above - Tim, Greg, Tara and Oliver

Above - detail - rocks and river gums

Above - Oliver and Greg

Above - setting off up Whungee Wheengee for a look

Above - James in Whungee Wheengee Canyon

Above - in Whungee Wheengee Canyon

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Canyon formation

Above - The Bocks - Doug, Oliver, LIzzy and Tim

Above - In Whungee Wheengee

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Back in the Gambe. Oliver, Greg, and James

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Sally, Oliver and Tim

Above - Detail

Above - Tim and Sally

Above - The party

Above - The boulder section

Above - Detail - Swirlhole

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Greg and Tarrin

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