Dalpura Canyon - 5 Nov 2005

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Rob, Rik, Don, Madlen and Dave

In the morning we visited the very beautiful Dalpura Canyon and then in the afternoon we visited Koombanda Canyon. The weather was misty with drizzle - but we had a great day out. One of the highlights was a truly magnificent display of wildflowers.

Above - On the way down the creek - Rik, Don, Rob and Madlen

Above - Purple flowers

Above - flowers

Above - Madlen climbs around a deep pool

Above - Ferns

Above - Rik at the first drop

Above - he strips off, throws down his pack and then jumps

Above - Madlen abseiling down

Above - Madlen abseiling down

Above - In the canyon - Madlen and Rob

Above - spiderwebs

Above - Canyon formation

Above - In the canyon

Above - walking down the creek

Above - In the canyon

Above - Canyon formation

Above - We approach the next drop

Above - Which we can scramble around

Above - Back in the canyon

Above - In the canyon - Madlen, Rob and Rik

Above - leaves

Above - flowers

Above - fern

Above - At a lookout above the Grose Valley

Above - Grose cliffs

Above - teatree

Above - Dracophylum flowers

Above - tea tree

Above - tea tree

Above - pagodas in the mist

Above - flowers

Above - Boronia in the heath

Above - Waratah

Above - Native Iris

Above - Drumstick flower

Above - small flowers

Above - Fringe Lilly

Above - Fringe Lilly

Above - Yellow flower

Above - An abundance of Native Iris

In the afternoon we visited Koombanda Canyon

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