January 15 - Canyon Exploration - Northern Blue Mts

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Rik Deveridge, Tom Brennan, John McGrath, Nick Simpson, Dave Noble

We were intending to do three days of canyon exploration from a base camp in the Northern Blue Mountains. On the first day we covered an impressive amount of country and checked out a lot of creeks - but the weather was extremely hot - in the high 30's. After a very hot night, Sunday was too hot for continued exploration (it was 35°C at 9am) - so we headed back down the mountains - stopping en route at Empress Canyon at Wentworth Falls - for a nice bit of canyoning.

Above - Rik in the second creek - it was a canyon - but only short and intermittent. We were able to reverse all the waterfalls in this canyon and climb up through it.

Above - John in the canyon

Above - The party (Nick, John, Tom and Rik) in our last creek. This one was very promising and looked good in places - but was never a real canyon.

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