March 13 - Three South Wolgan Canyons

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

Party - Justin, Stephanie, Kim, Katina, Dave F, Swetlana, Dave N

On this trip we went out to near Galah Mountain and headed out to Breakfast Creek Canyon. We returned via Rocky Creek and Rocky Creek Canyon - and then three of us did a quick loop through Twister Canyon. A great day.

Above - Swetlana abseils into the canyon

Above - Steph on the second abseil

Above - The short upper constriction

Above - Justin looks down the start of the lower constriction

Above - Looking down the lower constriction

Above - Katina on the third abseil

Above - Dave F in the "groovy" section

Above - Justin and Swetlana wacthing as someone above abseils down to them

Above - Katina on the fith abseil

Above - A little lower

Above - Swetlana and Dave F in the magnificent gorge of Rocky Creek

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