Canyon Festival - Day 1 - 3 December 2005

Bowens South Canyon - Middle Section

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Sam, Lisa, David H, Rik, James, Dave N

The SUBW Trip Report of this canyon trip can be found here.

On this trip - we started out at the Bowens Creek Climbing Area (near Range Ck junction) - and where we had climbed out on a recent trip to the upper section of this nice canyon. I had only been down this middle section of the canyon once before - and that was many years ago - and it was much more impressive than I had remembered - with some spectacular sections of canyon and some very nice sections of gorge.

Above - Lisa and David H enjoy a cool wade

Above - Sam in the canyon

Above - Ferns

Above - James and RIk about to start a swim

Above - A nice wall of ferns

Above - James and Rik walking down a section of canyon

Above - Sam, Lisa and David H in the canyon

Above - Rik and James in a very beautiful section

Above - Stream detail

Above - Stream detail

Above - Canyon formation

Above - Ferns

Above - Rik enjoys another cool wade

Above - Canyon formation

Above - James in the canyon

Above - Rik in the canyon

Above - James and Rik

Above - A swim in a more open section, James and Rik

Above - James and Rik in a slower section - high water, lots of submerged logs and slippery rocks

Above - A yabbie waves to us

Above - Rik about to set out on another swim

Above - Looking back to James

Above - Rik looking at a long swim and regretting that he had forgotten his wetsuit. I had forgotten mine too!

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