May 1 - Blue Mountains Canyoning

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

We visited a canyon in the Blue Mts area

Above - On the way down to the creek. Audrey, Rik, Lisa, Dave F, Eline, Michael, Alan and Matt

Above - Lisa and Rik at the start of the canyon

Having lunch - Alan, Lisa, Louise, Matt and Michael

Above - Looking down the final section

Above - The lower section

Above - Lou uses a tape to get up a steep section of the pass out.

Above - Eline on the pass

Above - Audrey climbing out

Above - Great views of the cliffs

Above - admiring the views - Rik, Eline, Lisa, Audrey and "Digital" Dave

Above - a wildflower

Above - Tea Tree flowers

Above - faint aboriginal artwork

Above - In the cave - Alan, Dave F, Rik, Lou, Audrey, Eline and Matt

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