Yodellers Range - Day 3 - Stage 2

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This was great day of climbing, scrambling and traversing. Thanks to Brian for leading the climbing sections. On this day we started at the Jungfrau and ended at Octave Gap - what, back in the 70's we called "Stage 2" - our second weekend stage of the traverse.

From our campsite, we climb up to the Jungfrau - this is a large tunnel coming up onto the range from Emu Creek. back in the 70's we climbed up from Emu Creek onto the range through this tunnel.

Above - Down in the tunnel - we find lots of scats of Rock Wallabies.

Above - Further down the tunnel

We then climbed up onto the first of a series of pinnacles - this one we called the Auguille du Schooner back in the 70's.

Above - the view from the summit of the Auguille du Schooner - a jumble of rocky summits

Above - Looking further along the range to Octave Gap and Watts Mountain and Wedding Cake Mtn on the right

Above - From the next summit - looking back at the Auguille. We abseiled down from near the top of the curving crack. Brian soloed down the crack. Back in the 70's most of the party traversed the peak using the middle of the three ledges on the left - easy but very exposed scrambling

Above - Brian, Rik and Lisa on another pinnacle summit

Above - Brian soloing down

Above - Rik abseiling down the next bit

Above - Traversing through a cave

Above - Brian encounters a nice hole

Above - Brian leading the way onto the Un-Named peak - one of the more difficult sections of the range

Above - From the Un-Named peak - looking back down to the last pinnacle. The descent route is down the steep ramp just to the left of the vertical crack

Above - Brian admires the view from this overhang

Above - Looking back - it took us several hours to traverse this section. The Auguille du Schooner is on the left

Above - Brian and Lisa on the cliffs

Above - Another (telephoto) view back

Above - Looking ahead to Octave Gap and Watts Mountain.

Above - The ever-present Mt Morgan

Above - however, We have one more peak to climb before we can reach Octave Gap - the Blue Yodeller. It looks tricky - but is actually relatively easy to climb via the skyline

Above - Getting off the Un-Named peak is not easy. Rik, Lisa and myself abseiled down the first half of the face, Brian soloed down. We all scrambled down the bottom half. Brian is in this photo - but hard to spot (a spot in almost the exact middle)

Above - The Blue Yodeller provides a great view of Watts Mountain. Octave Gap separates the peaks. It is possible to climb Watts Mountain via the arete from the gap, but much easier to climb from the other end. This mountain is incorrectly called "Wedding Cake Mountain on the Widden 1:25,000 map

Above - Looking back - The Un-Named Peak is to the right of the major chasm

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