Yardleys Cave and Houris Kitchen - 14 September 2017

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Party - Bob, Dave

Above - The Grose Gorge

Above - Bob on the track near Lockleys Pylon

Above - Cliffs near Mt Hay

Above - Aboriginal sharpening grooves - right on the track

Above - Bob reading the logbook in Yardleys Cave

Above - Record of an early visit by Arthur Yardley, Harry Whitehouse and others

Above - More old notes in a glass jar

Above - View from outside the cave of Tom Williams' pass on Butterbox Point that provides a convenient exit from Mt Hay Canyon

Above - The Grose Gorge

Above - Looking into Walford Gully

Above - Short section of canyon in the west branch (the only branch we visited)

Above - One of two tunnels in the branch

Above - Bob in the canyon

Above - Orchid - Dendrobium striolatum

Above - Snow!

Above - Aboriginal sharpening grooves

After walking out, we then headed to Dr Darks Cave and visited Houris Kitchen - the ledge above Govetts Creek, upstream of the creek near Dr Darks Cave.

Above - Bob on the ledge

Above - Carne Walls

Above - Medusa Falls

Above - Houris Kitchen

Above - Blackwall Glen

Above - Bob inspects a stone arrangement

Above - We tried to scramble up this gully but were blocked by a waterfall low down.

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