Day 1 - PBT

All images by David Noble. © David Noble. No images can be used for any purpose without permission.

Above - Breakfast - Boyd Plateau

Above - Sabs

Above - Albert, Wendy and Jo

Above - Alex

Above- Nazzih in full flight - on the Walls

Above - Dave Lee cracks open a beer

Above - at the Coal Seam Cave

Above - at the Coal Seam Cave

Above - Dave Lee with food and equipment for 3 days

Above - The descent off Cambage Spire

Above - In the fly - Sabs, Uli, Sheung Ling and Jacqui

Above - James, Dave N, Ashley, Albert and Wendy

Above - Thorsten and his German sausage

Above - Martin stuffing himself

Above - Eleanor, Nicole, Sabs and Jacqui

Above - Sabs

Above - a funky Martin

Above - Pete

Above - Ashley

Above - Sabs, Jacqui and Dave L

Above - Eleanor, Ben, Sabs, Jacqui and Dave L

Above - Thorsten, Sheung Ling and Jo

Above - Alex in a pensive mood

Above - more singing

Above - Alex in a sleepy mood

Above - Ashley and Rob do their stuff!

Above - Thorsten, Jo and Sabs

Above - Jo and Sabs - the catfight?

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