North Head - Undercliff Walk - 25 May 2017

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob, Norm, Dave

This was a rather unusual walk - under the cliffs of North Head. We started from the car park near the Barracks and then walked down to just above Shelly Beach - then started on our undercliff traverse.

Above - Easy going on rock platforms

Above - looking back, this section had been harder

Above - For the next bit - we scrambled up above the cliffs and eventually made it to the point

Above - looking down from the point (Blue Fish Point)

Above - We find the way down

Above - This part was nice going

Above - To continue we could swim, or use the ropes.

Above - We used the ropes.

Above - More boulder hopping ahead.

Above - Looking up at an old concrete structure half way up the cliff. An old defence installation?

Above - Looking back

Above - Time for lunch

Above - Looking over at South Head

Above - The next section looked very interesting...... it was up some old fisherman's ladders. Very dodgy! And dangerous.

Above - Hornby Lighthouse on South Head and the city

Above - Bob makes it up the tricky bit - an exposed chimney. Rope would have been handy here (and harnesses and belay gear).

Above - Note the whale just in front on the boat

Above - Norm on the last bit of the climb

Above - View from Fairfax Lookout - looking back at our walk.

Above - You can just see a whale in the middle of the boats.

Above - Sydney Harbour

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