Medlow Bath to Radiata Plateau - 2 August 2017

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob, Dave

Route - The Three Brothers, Shale Ledge, Blacks Ladders, Radiata Plateau, Grand Clifftop Walk back to Medlow Bath.

Above - The Three Brothers

Above - Looking towards Radiata Plateau. We traveresed the half-way ledge to jsut past the dark corner you can see in the middle of the photo.

Above - Looking at the start of the ledge

Above - Looking towards the section we would do after lunch

Above - It was mostly easy going on a shale ledge

Above - This is a sports climbing crag - looking online I think it is called DG's.

Above - Approaching Back Creek

Above - Back Creek has two main branches, and each one flows over the lower cliffline with a high waterfall. This is the east most branch.

Above - Blacks Ladders lie not far around the distant corner

Above - Looking back towards Back Creek. We had lunch near here.

Above - The west most branch of Back Creek has a waterfall that flows down this slot.

Above - Looking back

Above - The east most waterfall of the two branches of Back Creek

Above - We could see rock climbs higher up on the cliff. I think this is part of The Nest climbing area.

Above - we find this wall

Above - Bob looking up at more climbs

Above - Bob at Blacks Ladders.

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