Dr Darks Cave, Houris Kitchen and The Fortress Walk - 26 August 2017

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Wendy, Dave

Above - Cliffs of The Fortress

Above - Medusa Falls in Govetts Creek below Arethusa and Vida Falls

Above - Govett Gorge and Medusa Falls

Above - Point Pilcher and Carne Walls

Above - Carne Walls and Govett Gorge

Above - Wendy squeezing into Dr Darks Cave

Above - Dr Darks Cave

Above - Old pots and pans

Above - Water supply for the cave

Above - Just beyond the cave, on the same level in a ledge known as Houris Kitchen which provides great views

Above - Govett Gorge and Carne Walls

Above - Don't slip Wendy!

Above- The end of Arethusa and Alphuis Canyon

Above - Carne Walls

Above - Rock formation

Above - Wendy enjoying the view from The Fortress

Above - Mt Banks, Lockleys Pylon and the Grose Valley

Above - Lockleys Pylon

Above - Govett Gorge

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