Narrow Neck - Diamond Falls - Diamond Head - Redledge Pass Walk - 13 July 2017

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - Bob, Dave

Above - Mist at the Narrow Neck Car park

Above - on the way down the climbers track

Above - Bob on the climbers track

Above - Our objective was to traverse on the ledge to the headland and then hopefully descend to Megalong.

Above - The mist was evaporating

Above - Bob finds and artifact

Above - one of the climbing areas - steep sports climbs

Above - Diamond Falls

Above - Looking back along the ledge we had traversed.

Above - We continue out to the point. At one stage we pass a rope hanging down from a higher level - probably a pass up through the cliffs.

Above - On the way we come across this hollow rock structure

Above - Looking towards the Radiata Plateau

Above - The ledge is thinner here

Above - looking back

Above - Near the headland. We descended a little further along - very close to the nose. The ledge did not continue around the corner.

Above - Below the headland, we find two depressions - that look like they were once shale mine adits. Further down we came across this sloping pathway. The side had been built up with rocks - so it was man made. This was a fair way above the tramway level.

Above - Bob on Redledge Pass

Above - What animal made these footprints?

Above - The "Big Hole" - a huge cavern - visited with some difficulty by members of the Catholic Bushwalking Club in 1986.

Above - The Big Hole

Above - The logbook on Redledge Pass (almost full)

Above - Megalong Head on Radiata Plateau - and the location for Esgates Pass.

Above - Mt Solitary from Narrow Neck

Above - Mt Solitary from Narrow Neck

Above - Aboriginal sharpening grooves - Narrow Neck

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