December 18 - 19 - Grand Canyon and Xmas Walk to the Coxs River

All images © David Noble - they cannot be used for any purpose without permission

The main activity was SUBW's annual Xmas Walk to the Coxs River. On the way up - some of us visited the Grand Canyon at Blackheath

Party -

Canyoners - Stacey, Clare, Ann, Ashley, Rob, James, Amando, Elizabeth, Tom W, Eline, Nausica, Tom M, Swetlana, Will, Dave Noble

and we were joined by - Greg, LouLou, Don, Tara, Elata, Lisa and Damien on the river.

Above - James assists Will clipping onto the rope

Above - Will, bottom belaying

Here is a quicktime movie showing Swetlana abseiling in (620 kB)

Above - Stace, Ann, Swetlana and Tom M in Grand Canyon

More quicktime movies -

Tom W abseiling in (308 kB)

In the canyon (396 kB)

Tom M slips (396 kB)

In the canyon (392 kB)

In the canyon (352 kB)

Above - Tom W, Stace and Nousica pause to admire the view on the walk down the Six Foot TRack

Above - At the campsite - Tara, Lisa and LouLou

Above - Eline, Nausica and Amando

Above - Clare, Tom M and Swetlana

Above - Stace, Ashley and Tom W

Above - Stace, Ashley, Tom W and Ann

Above - "Cheers", Ann, Tom W and Elizabeth

Above - Amando, Eline, Dave, Ashley, Clare and Tom W

Above - Rob - "I feel just dandy"

Above - Ann

Above - Stace

Above - Tom, Elizabeth and Nausica

Above - Ann and Don

Above - Clare

Above - Nausica and Amando

Above -Elata and Don

Above - the campsite - Elizabeth, Eline, Ashley, Rob, James and SStace

Above - Swimming

Above - the rapids

Above - Eline, LouLou and Nausica

Above - the river

Above - the river

Above - Ann, Nausica, Will and Clare

Above - Stace takes it easy!

And one last movie -

LouLou and Nausica in the rapids

Other photos -

James Bevan's photos of Grand Canyon

Amando's photos