The Barren Grounds Nature Reserve - 17 September 2017

All images © David Noble. No image can be used for any purpose without permission.

Party - John, Chuin Nee, Jasper, Seby, Digi Dave, Wendy, Su Li, Brent, Burnsie, Eva, Gab, Dave

These photos were taken on a walk around the Griffith Trail Circuit

Above - (Probably) Boronia thujona (thanks to Col Gibson for the id)

Above - Grass Trees

Above - Seby appreciates the wild flowers

Above - Su Li and Wendy

Above - View from Illawarra Lookout

Above - Dracophyllum secundum

Above - Dracophyllum secundum

Above - Treecreeper

Above - Lunch at Saddleback Trig

Above - Viewing platform at Saddleback Trig

Above - View Southwest

Above - Melaleuca squarrosa (thanks to Roger Lembit for the id)

Above - Melaleuca squarrosa

Above - Perhaps a Brush Cuckoo

Above - Pool below the Stony Bridge at Lamonds Creek

Above - Frog spawn

Above - Wendy, John and Jasper

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