The Coastal Walk (Northern Part) – Royal National Park – 26 June 2015

I like walking down the coastline at Royal National Park along the Coastal Track. There is always so much to see and enjoy. Whatever the season. Always a lot to photograph. On this trip – I walked down the northern half of the track – starting at Bundeena and finishing at Curracurrong.


After recent rain – the track was quite wet. Very wet and muddy. It is only after rain that you realise that a lot of work is needed to fix the track to prevent the erosion from getting worse. 


Another thing I could not help seeing, was just after you enter the national park at Bundeena is a huge electronic sign – one more in place alongside a motorway, constantly flashing its message. The message was that Wedding Cake Rock had been closed off to the public.

As always when you leave Bundeena and walk along the Balconies – you cannot help noticing all the New Holland Honeyeaters. These tiny birds dart rapidly from bush to bush – making them very hard to photograph. Also, as I walked to the sea cliffs, I saw the cloud of spray from the blowhole a whale cruising up the coast.

At Wedding Cake Rock, there was a high fence in place. This place, has for some reason, become popular with instagrammers – perhaps after a recent fatality? The fence looked very out of place in a national park, and also it looked trivial to walk around the side of it onto the rock.

RNP26Jun15-1 RNP26Jun15-2 RNP26Jun15-3 RNP26Jun15-4

I soon arrived at Marley Beach and stopped to take a few photos of the sand patterns in the outlet stream from the lagoon. Then to Little Marley and along the cliffs to the south. These cliffs are delightful with their wind eroded patterns. In bright, sunny weather, photography is a challenge. You have to do what you can – and photographing the natural patterns is always interesting – whether they form in sand or rock.

RNP26Jun15-5 RNP26Jun15-6 RNP26Jun15-7 RNP26Jun15-8

Being a weekday in winter, Wottamolla was not too crowded. I passed by quickly and walked to the rock platforms further south. Then to Curracorrang and Curracurrong. Along the way I stopped several times to watch the whales passing by.

RNP26Jun15-10 RNP26Jun15-11 RNP26Jun15-12 RNP26Jun15-13

At Curracurrong, I spent some time at Eagle Rock taking a few photos and enjoying the waterfalls as nearby creeks plunged over the sea cliffs.

RNP26Jun15-14 RNP26Jun15-15 RNP26Jun15-16 RNP26Jun15-18

More photos from this walk are online on my website here.


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