Royal National Park – Coast – Photo Essay

I recently spent more time in Royal National Park – walking along the Coastal Track. I hoped for some stormy weather, but I was a day too late. There and been a big thunderstorm over the area the day before I set off. The weather I had was pretty fine – which made photography a bit difficult – but at least the wet, humid weather before I left meant that some fungi should have popped out.

RNP14- 8

The highest concentration of fungi was in one small spot – in a saddle on the track not far north of Otford, and before the turn off to the Palm Jungle and Burning Palms. In this saddle there was a lot of fungi out, and it was the case of the more you look the more you saw. I originally got my camera and tripod set up to photograph some small interesting looking and colourful fungi, but when I was squatting down I noticed a lot more types that were out – they were less colourful and a lot harder to notice as you walked past.

RNP14- 3 RNP14- 4 RNP14- 6 RNP14- 5

I thought there may be more fungi out in the Palm Jungle – it being rainforest – but this was not this case.

RNP14- 2 RNP14- 7

On the beaches I noticed a huge amount of pumice that had recently been washed up. I had heard that a large floating island of pumice had recently split apart. This raft of pumice had come from an underwater volcano 800 km north east of New Zealand.

RNP14- 1 RNP14- 9 RNP14- 10 RNP14- 11 RNP14- 12 RNP14- 13 RNP14- 14 RNP14- 15 RNP14- 16 RNP14- 17 RNP14- 18 RNP14- 19 RNP14- 20 RNP14- 21

More photos can be seen on my website here.


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  1. Helena says:

    awesome photography! – and a very beautiful park.
    I always look forward to your posts – very interesting to read about the pumice wonder if any of it has made its way here to Surfers? – I noticed an unusual amount at Burleigh the other day

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