Wentworth Falls Walk – 8 September 2013

It was the day after the federal election. A sad day. A good time to escape to the bush. I headed up to Wentworth Falls and then down the Charles Darwin Track towards the big waterfalls of Wentworth Falls. The weather was as gloomy as my mood. A thick mist shrouded everything. Beautiful conditions!

WFwalk 7

No wind, calm and peaceful. A good place to be. Lots of birds flying about and chirping in the shrubs. Wildflowers out in abundance.

WFwalk 1 WFwalk 2

A good time to be along and away from the city.

WFwalk 3 WFwalk 6 WFwalk 5 WFwalk 4

My walk started early, before 8am. Very few people were about.

WFwalk 8 WFwalk 12 WFwalk 11 WFwalk 10 WFwalk 9

When I reached Wentworth Falls I headed out to Rocket Point and then followed an unmarked track around the top of the cliffs, eastwards, past some great lookouts to Little Switzerland – and then along to Flat Rock Lookout. The mist was starting to clear.

WFwalk 13 WFwalk 14

Back along a more direct track to Rocket Point and then down the upper falls, along part of National Pass, end down the steep Slack Stairs to the foot of the lower falls. I continued on downwards to Hippocrene Falls. The track continues to Vera Falls and I kept following it to where it joins the Valley of the Waters Track. More photo opportunities! Then up past Empress Falls and back along the tops to Wentworth Falls again. The last part of my walk was back up the Charles Darwin Track to the village.

WFwalk 15 WFwalk 18 WFwalk 17 WFwalk 16

More photos on my website here.

WFwalk 19 WFwalk 20


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  1. Pat says:

    Hey David, is the Hippocrene Falls track hard to follow?

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