Blue Fish Point on North Head – 5 August 2018

I had recently made a few trips to the area near South Head and to Malabar Headland, and seen quite a few raptors, so thought a trip to Blue Fish Point on North Head may be a good place to look out for these birds. It gives a good view of the cliffs of North Head.

The only time I had been to this point, was on a trip, where our party had descended down off the headland using a fishermen’s route then traversed the rock platforms and talus to under Lady Fairfax Lookout. We had then climbed up some very dodgy fishermen’s ladders up to the top.

I caught the ferry to Manly and then walked to the beach and on the path to Shelly Beach. There were lots of people out and about. I then climbed up and headed along the North Head Track. On the way I stopped to photograph a few birds and flowers.

This took me to the road that goes to the Sydney Water plant, I followed the track parallel to it and then walked down the last part to the plant. At the fence, I took the fishermen’s track, that follows the outside of the fence line around to Blue Fish Point.

Near the point, I took a side track to an extensive rock platform. Here there is a WWII observation bunker and and your would expect – very good views up and down the coast. It was a great place to look for whales and birds.

Unfortunately, I saw no close whales and no raptors. I had to make to do with a group of New Holland Honeyeaters and their amazing aerobatics.

I alter walked a little further, to the point and descended to a large ledge and another bunker. This gives abetter view to the north – but still no raptors. But good view to the north.

I could also see the lower rock platform better, and at the end, the ropes you need to keep traversing –

I went back to the first lookout for lunch and then some more whale waiting. This turned out to be more Honeyeater photography.

I then made my way back via the route I had come in on. A few stops on the way back for more views.

At one spot I watched a group of Ravens playing in the updraft. Some other visitors nearby seemed too busy updating their social media to notice.

Getting closer to Shelley Beach, the number of people increased dramatically. And it was very crowded on the path back to Manly Beach.

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