Nature at Oatley Park – 4 August 2018

Having nothing better to do on a Saturday, I headed down to Oatley Park with my camera. It had been a while since I had visited the area.

I walked there from Mortdale Station and entered the area via Lime Kiln Creek. I first checked out the ponds of the wetlands. Not many birds out. So I then headed along the track on the western side. 

Again, fairly quiet. I did photograph a pair of Superb Fairy-wrens. Further on, at the boardwalk section in the mangroves I was on the lookout for Kingfishers and Pardalotes. I did not see any Kingfishers this trip, but I did spot some Pardalote nesting holes on a bank beside the boardwalk.

Nearby was perched a Crimson Rosella. Perhaps nesting nearby?

Just before coursing the footbridge back to the lately side, I stopped to photograph some Superb Fairy-wrens and a Laughing Kookaburra and a Willie Wagtail.

I then climbed up the road and took the foot track around the point. Not many birds along this section. Rather than continue to the beach area, I took a track that headed up steeply to the cliffs. I followed a ledge up a bit, ¬†then an easy scramble took me to the top. I don’t think this was an official route – as there was no track at the top, but it was not far to the road.

Arriving on top, I found the road closed off due to a cycling race. I carried on being careful – no bikes were around at the time.

I made my way to the top park with the old traction engine and took the track back down to Lime Kiln Bay. I then headed back to the footbridge and revered the first part of my walk. This time I did find more birds and a few Caladenia Orchids that I had missed earlier. And a pair of Yellow-faced Honeyeaters were lurking in the trees.

Back at the wetland, I did see a Heron and a Spoonbill.

As I left, a Water Dragon was out.


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