Wolli Creek and Tempe Wetlands – 30 July 2018

It had been a while since had walked down Wolli Creek. At this time of the year I normally am on the lookout for fungi, but it has been so dry recently that I thought in most unlikely that I would see any, so I had my bird camera ready instead.

On this trip, I started at Bexley North Station and walk down the two Valleys Track to Tempe and then crossed the railway line and finished off with a quick visit to Tempe Wetlands.

There was a reasonable amount of birdlife along the way. Lots of Superb Fairy-wrens were out, the males looking good in their breeding plumage.

As well there were abundant Silvereyes and the odd Grey Fantail.

There was also  a White-browed Scrubwren (or is it a Thornbill?) –

At the section between Bardwell Park and Turrella Reserve, I photographed the following –

Butcher Bird

Brown Thornbill

Brown Thornbill

Brown Thornbill

Lower down were lots of New Holland Honeyeaters –

At Turrella Reserve, I photographed a set of Red-browed Finches –

A Superb Fairy Wren had caught a tiny morsel, and a Magpie had something larger –

I also saw another Grey Fantail –

And a Willie Wagtail –

Lower down, at Tempe, I went into Gough Whitlam Park to visit the kiosk for a coffee and a break. Continuing, I could see there was a fire, somewhere to the north of Tempe Station.

I later found it was the General Gordon Hotel at Sydenham – sadly burnt down.

At the stormwater drain near Tempe Station were a Striated Heron and an Egret.

At Tempe Wetlands I was delighted to watch a male Spotted Pardalote collecting nesting material.

These small birds rarely come down from the canopy, so it is always a nice to see them and to know there is a nest hole nearby.

Also – there was a Spoonbill in the second pool –

I then photographed a White-plumed Honeyeater –

Just after that, one local resident roared around the wetland path on an unregistered trail bike. I didn’t see too many more birds after that.

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