Dover Heights to Watsons Bay – 10 July 2018

I recently walked this section of the Coastal Path in stormy weather. This time, a fine day was forecast, so to make things more interesting I caught and early train to Bondi Junction and an early bus to Dover Heights to arrive at Raleigh Reserve around  6:30 am. The Sun would be rising at about 7 am.

Nankeen Kestrel – caught on camera

The sunrise was not too special however. Clouds are good for a nice sunrise or sunset – especially when they colour up. But this morning the clouds completely blocked out any sun. It was also quite chilly!

When the Sun finally did hit the cliffs, it had lost that soft warm effect.

I had started at Raleigh Reserve which joins up to Rodney Reserve as I was hoping to see if I could spot the Peregrine Falcon that I had seen there last year. But no sign of it on this visit.

I slowly continued north along the Coastal Path as the Sun started to warm up things. At the next small reserve at the end of Lancaster St, where the Coastal Path goes along an impressive boardwalk suspended above the cliffs, I spotted a Nankeen Kestrel. On my previous visit I had seen one a little further to the north.

This one was sitting on a house, and I was able to get some shots of it flying, as it took off.

It then flew up onto a security camera on the side of the house. I stayed swatching it for a while – hoping to get some more photos of it in flight. But it seemed to enjoy being on a nice perch in the warm sun.

I took a few more photos of the sea cliffs. Sunlight was hitting them now.

And then a second Nankeen Kestrel swooped down to join the first one a short distance away. The first one stayed on the camera.

I stayed for a fair while, but both birds seemed to like their perches, so I continued on my way. A few other birds were around – Sparrows, New Holland Honeyeaters and a Wattlebird –

I also spotted a whale – but it was far out to sea.

Further along – more cliffs and birds –

I concentrated on trying to photograph some Welcome Swallows. They flew so fast in their quest to catch insects that the are always a challenge to photograph.

I soon arrived at The Gap. I climbed up to the lookout on Gap Bluff. It was nice in the warm Sun. I had lunch and took the opportunity of look for whales. Some whale boats were out past the heads – and near them I did spot some whales – but far too far out for good photos.

Then I caught a ferry back to the city.


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