Fungi at Ferndale Park – 8 July 2018

I made another visit to Ferndale Park at Chatswood to see how the fungi was going. There was still not a lot of fungi out compared to previous years, but conditions were not too bad.

Clavicorona taxophila

Quite a few coral fungi were out. Here are some – 

I could not find too many waxcaps. I spotted only one red one. The same one I had seen on my previous visit over a week earlier. It looked in exactly the same condition and hadn’t grown at all. It was small then and looked the same size.

I did find quite a few lilac and grey waxcaps. The lilac ones are likely to be Hygrocybe reesiae.

Hygrocybe reesiae

Some of the grey ones are Hygrocybe griseoramosa – which have very distinctive complex branching gills. However, there seems to be another grey species of waxcap with non-branching gills. I have only seen this species at Ferndale Park.

Hygrocybe griseoramosa

Hygrocybe sp

And here is some of the other fungi I observed –

An interesting observation was a few sticks, rocks and leaves covered with a kind of white substance.

Here are some ultra-macro photos –

I think this is a type of mould. A fungi that reproduces by asexual means.

More photos with identifications are online here on my website.


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