Sassafras Gully Fungi – 3 July 2018

As it had been so dry, I had not not bothered to visit Sassafras Gully to look for fungi for a fair while. But recently, there had been some rain – although the mid mountain had had far less than the coastal fringe, so I was not that hopeful that much fungi would be out.

There was not much out, although I did spit some interesting species. This was one I found. it was very tiny and a cluster of them were growing on a log – 

It may be a species of Lamprospora. But that genus doesn’t  normally grow on wood. The best match I can get for it is Lamprospora tuberculatella. (Thanks to Herman Anderson for suggesting the genus). Here are some closer pictures –

Here is some of the fungi I found. Most of it growing on wood.

And, on a tree, I found some small white and brown blobs. Closer looking revealed it had an amazing structure. It looks like a furry blob, but it is attached to the tree with a small stipe. I am not sure if it is a fungus or slime mould.

And, another very small thing growing on a stick. The stick had a number of these bristles on it –

More photos are online here on my website.



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